Anti Mosquitos


Anti Mosquitos is a free solution to be able to get rid of mosquitos. Download Anti Mosquitos and forget about being bitten without any need for creams

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When summer comes, you feel the need to open the window when it gets dark, and as if they were vampires, mosquitos quickly appear willing to invade your room, bothering your with their constant droning sound and their bites. We have for you the perfect tool, the mosquito repellent that doesn't cause allergies, marks or noise: Anti Mosquitos.

Avoid mosquito bites

This program emits sound at a frequency that is somewhere between 16,000Hz and 20,000Hz, that can't be heard by the human ear, and that is really bothering for the mosquitos. This is how the application works to get them out of the room.

If when you launch the application it seems as if nothing is happening, don't worry, that is normal. Anti Mosquitos is a lightweight application that, without requiring installation, stays active in the background emitting sound in the aforementioned frequency, that will manage that the mosquitos go somewhere else to feed.

We can't guarantee that it works 100%, but since it's free you have nothing to lose, try out Anti Mosquitos.

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