Anti Trojan Elite

(ATE) 5.6.2

Anti Trojan Elite is a program that locates and eliminates any trojan from the system. Download Anti Trojan Elite and avoid your information being robbed

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Two of the most common threats that we can find over the Internet are trojans and keyloggers. Both of them are a threat to our privacy, because they are programs designed to infiltrate our system, to open a gap or back door that hackers can use to rob our information as is the case with trojans, or to capture the keyboard strokes in the case of keyloggers.

  Anti Trojan Elite, also know as ATE, is a program that constantly checks our system to find and eliminate and kinds of trojans installed on our computer. The application can be used to perform a check on the whole system or on the contrary of only a series of folders or files selected by the user.

  Another great feature that this application includes is the possibility to analyze the Windows Registry to detect any change, deactivate the autorun feature of any device and repair Internet Explorer, with a thorough cleaning of the browser, that will help our browsing speed.

  Download Anti Trojan Elite and forget about the programs that try to rob your information.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has some functions limited.
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