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Anti-virus Dr.Web Light is, as its name indicates, an antivirus for Android phones. Remove all security threats from your mobile and protect your data

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There no such thing as over-protection when it comes to the security of your phone. As your mom is always reminding you, you have to be very careful with what you do and where you go, and that can also be applied to mobile devices. Anti-virus Dr.Web Light is a tool for Android that will help you to put up a barrier against possible threats and destroy all those viruses that try to invade your smartphone or tablet.

The minimum protection necessary against viruses.

Its functioning is rather foolproof as you've only got to hit the Scan button from the home menu and choose between:

  • Quick scan: check if the apps you've installed are infected.
  • Full scan: check all the files on your mobile device.
  • Selective scan: choose the folders you want to analyze.

And then just sit down to wait because, depending on how full your device is, it will take more or less time to complete the scan. If you've got unwanted or junk files on your phone, they'll be put into quarantine where they won't be able to cause any harm and you'll have the possibility to restore the files later on. Both the quarantine and the stats can be checked from the main menu. And if your virus database isn't up to date, don't worry because the application will warn you so you can update it right away.

Quick or full scan of your file system, selective scanning of files and folders upon request of the user.

Beware of the light version

You can download and install the APK of Anti-virus Dr.Web Light for free but, as you've probably gathered from its name, it isn't the full version of the antivirus and it doesn't offer us thorough protection against malware. If you like what this tool has to offer you, you should go for Dr. Web Security Space, the full version of this app. As you can imagine, it's a commercial tool but you can use it for free for 14 days.

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