Antivirus VBA32

Antivirus VBA32 is a program that will protect your computer from any threat that tries to attack it. Download Antivirus VBA32 for free and avoid viruses

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Antivirus VBA32 is a totally efficient and quick antivirus when it comes to detecting and neutralizing any computer virus, trojan or spyware application. This antivirus works in real-time, and therefore works all the time without bothering the user. Furthermore, it has a function that automatically updates the threat list, so as to avoid the user having to waste any time with its maintenance.

  The main properties of Antivirus VBA32 are:

  - System to scan all kinds of files.
- Scan and neutralize all the messages received via Microsoft Outlook.
- Automatically update the antivirus database.
- Heuristic analyzer and the MalwareScope virus recognition technology.

  Antivirus VBA32 has a quarantine mode where all suspicious files and emails are placed. If you want to scan the computer manually, you will have to open the appropriate module, select the folder or file that you want to analyze, and Antivirus VBA32 will quickly scan all its contents.

  Try out Antivirus VBA32, and you will be protected without even realizing.
Requirements and additional information:
It only works on Windows XP. Certain limitations.
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Antony Peel
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