AnyTV is a free program with which you will be able to view television from your computer. Download AnyTV and tune into TV channels and radio stations

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For quite some time, watching TV doesn't necessarily mean sitting on the sofa in front of a television set. Now it has become more common to watch our favorite programs on our computer or mobile phone. First it was the TV tuner cards, and nowadays it is the streaming technology broadcasts like those that AnyTV receives.

  This program has more than 2,500 TV channels from all over the world, from news channels to home shopping channels, from Algeria to the best American channels. Practically all the channels that you want to see will probably be available on AnyTV. Something very similar happens with the radio, where you will be able to listen to more than 4000 stations worldwide. And what's more, if we get tired of the live contents, we can choose to watch any of the nearly 7000 videos that are available, where we can receive from videoclips to adverts.

  AnyTV's interface is very simple, we will only see the enormous list of channels that we can tune into, and the box where we will see them. Without any need to configure it and with the sole requisite that we have an active Internet connection to receive the signal.

  A very interesting program, that is really easy to use.
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