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Install Apache on your personal computer, it's probably the best web server available. Download Apache HTTP Server, an application with incredible features

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One of the best valued in its sector and probably one of the best web servers of all is, without a doubt, Apache. This software is a free development that as time has gone by has gained a position as a server worth taking into account, whether to be installed on a domestic server or on a base that will support very heavy workloads.

The most versatile, fast, and stable web server

This server is designed by modules, so adding functions or modifying how it works is relatively easy for advanced users. Those users with less experience can simply install Apache on their system to be able to have a server.

The main problem with Apache HTTP Server is its graphical interface because it doesn't include any tool specifically designed to configure it, nevertheless, there are many developments that can comply with this task. All the server configuration can be carried out in the apache2.conf and httpd.conf text files, thus making the program very lightweight, and hardly requiring any resources.

If you need a great server, Apache has been under development since 1995, and since then it has grown to become the biggest web server on the market.

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