Ape Of Steel

In Ape Of Steel you'll have to face an endless amount of enemies on scenarios set in the future. Save the planet by downloading Ape Of Steel for Windows

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Science fiction and monkeys go hand in hand once again to become the stars of an action game this time around. Ape Of Steel brings together the best of both worlds to offer us a shooter in which we'll have to fend off the invasion of huge ape-like monsters that have landed on our planet. We'll have to face each one of them to be able to get to the bottom of the issue and defeat the Ape King who leads them all.

The planet's destiny depends on a single ape.


  • Ape-like shooting game.
  • Futuristic settings.
  • Different weapons and enemies to fight against.

Classic elements that we were beginning to miss

In Ape Of Steel we'll come up against a concept that we were missing in most modern games: a final boss. In other words, overcoming all the game's obstacles has no other purpose than matching us up against the greatest obstacle of all: the Ape King. We'll only win by defeating him.

Download Ape Of Steel and set your planet free by taming the most fearless monkey, travelling around all sorts of settings.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Windows 8.1 or above.
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