AppLock tricks: the best tips for the lock for Android apps

If there is one thing that is of fundamental interest in our relationship with mobile devices, it is security and privacy. Our data is more valuable than we can imagine. The purpose of AppLock is to make things difficult for those who try to spy on our device and obtain information they are not authorized to obtain.

Thanks to this application, you can add an extra layer of security to the one already provided by the biometric access phone, PIN, or lock code. On certain occasions, we leave our devices with people we trust, who may have access to private content. Or we can find ourselves in the situation that someone in our environment knows our unlock code or pattern and can get their hands on our sensitive information. Doing so may constitute a crime, in fact, the complaints that are made end up being convictions in most cases.

The function of AppLock adds an additional layer of security using a PIN code, biometric data, or an additional lock pattern that is applied to any file or folder on the device. But the most outstanding feature of the application is that it allows a high degree of customization, letting you block very specific files or folders, applications, or restricting various functionalities. For example, it gives us the possibility to enable a very useful function, that of taking a picture of whoever takes and manipulates our device.

Thanks to the tutorials we have prepared, you will be able to discover how it works, what its main features are, and how you can benefit from all it has to offer, and there is no shortage of them. Because if there is something for which it stands out is the number of resources it provides, not only in the aspect of security and protection of personal data but also with some very interesting things like exclusive games or a secure browser.

All the tips and tricks are at your disposal in this guide, so you can take advantage of all the features it offers. Open the application if it is hidden? Hide the app icon? Check its safety and legality? All these resources and more are at your disposal here, regardless of whether you use it in its free version or subscribe to any of the premium modes it offers to enjoy it without ads. Keep on reading to learn more!

What is AppLock and what's it for

AppLock is a suitable app for those users who want to protect their phones, as it can protect files, photos, and applications. Privacy is no small matter and keeping our data safe from people who should not have access to it is a priority.


Is AppLock safe?

When asked if AppLock is a safe application, it should be made clear that it is an app that does not contain viruses or any type of hidden functionality that would lead to believing that it is a compromising application. There have been no reported cases of malware installation among users, in fact, the app does not even have any advertising. This is a favorable point, since there may be a case that advertisements could leave the door open to questionable software.


Is AppLock legal?

The AppLock application is a reinforcement to the security systems already offered by any device, whether it is the classic PIN or biometric systems, such as fingerprint identification, facial, or iris recognition. AppLock is fully legal, as it does not violate any type of regulation. Moreover, its use prevents acts that are contrary to the law.


How to install AppLock

The AppLock application can be found in the app store, Google Play, and you only need to type its name in the search box to download and install it. It is also possible to find the APK in Malavida, with the same result. In both cases, you will have to follow the same final procedure once you have downloaded it. But let's go to the download and installation process from our website.


How AppLock works

AppLock is a simple application that lets you prevent access to files on your device as well as to other apps. It provides different additional functions, such as offering incognito browsing or even device cleaning.


How to uninstall AppLock

To uninstall AppLock, just follow the process you would perform with any other Android application. We remind you of them so that you can complete them if you wish to stop using the app.


How to configure AppLock

The application has 2 main tabs, and thanks to them, you will be able to access several configuration options. The first one is called Privacy, and it is the one that lets you configure access to the apps you have on your device.


How to open AppLock when it's hidden

AppLock has a curious hiding system where the icon of the app takes a different appearance, such as a calculator, a compass, or an air meter. This way it goes completely unnoticed on your device. Once done, AppLock will hide behind this icon. To open the application in case it is hidden using this system, you have two options.


How to unlock AppLock without the password

Applock is an application for our Android device useful to block the applications, documents, or images that we want through a security PIN or a pattern. Something very useful when you do not want people to access certain files that you consider very personal or applications that you do not want others to see.


February 2, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez