The AppLock application is a reinforcement to the security systems already offered by any device, whether it is the classic PIN or biometric systems, such as fingerprint identification, facial, or iris recognition. AppLock is fully legal, as it does not violate any type of regulation. Moreover, its use prevents acts that are contrary to the law.

Unauthorized access to what your girl or your employee keeps on their devices is a criminal offense. Therefore, if you are tempted to check someone else's cell phone, you better discard that idea, because the law does not play around with half-measures. The Penal Code criminalizes the discovery and disclosure of secrets as a crime against privacy. It is based on the constitutional right to inviolability of communications and aims to preserve personal privacy. The penalty imposed as a consequence of such acts may include imprisonment. Also, there are already convictions for these offenses.

Likewise, the application is available for download in the Google store, so it complies with the policies determined by the Mountain View company. And if that were not enough, it is the leader in downloads with more than 100 million. Would an application that violates the law be at the top? Absolutely not, so you can freely use AppLock on your device without fear of acting illegally. So, is there some kind of regulation that says you cannot hide files from your own device? No, so you already have the answer.