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Work with Firefox tabs in a neat and tidy manner thanks to App Tabs. App Tabs is a complement that will make all of your browser's tabs occupy less space

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One of the innovations announced by Firefox is the possibility to make a tab occupy the minimum amount of space, so they can be used as if the were shortcut buttons to applications. If we have a tab on which we can only see the icon, it almost becomes an access to the web we have open. That is exactly what App Tabs offers.

Reduce the size of your Firefox tabs

With App Tabs we can minimize and group the tabs that we use most so that they always stay open, and with the contents loaded, but occupying hardly any space on the tab bar. Something that is very useful when we browse through several tabs at the same time.

Once we open a website in the browser, we can "minimize" its tab with App Tabs, that is very useful if the tab contains are our home page, our email account or the social networks we commonly use, because these are tabs that we will hardly ever close.

Furthermore, App Tabs allows us to save its configuration and the tabs between sessions so that once we close the browser when we reopen it, we will access the same tabs that we had open before leaving the browser.

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