The best tips & tricks for AppCake for iPhone

Unlike the freedoms offered by Android, Apple follows a stricter and more closed model with iOS. And we are not just talking about customization. This is also the case when it comes to obtaining software, where the only official channel is the App Store.

Given the efforts of Apple to lock down its mobile operating system, since the early days of the platform, some combative movements have already emerged that sought to free the iPhone from the shackles of the manufacturer. Thus, jailbreak was born, and with it, a varied ecosystem of applications designed to customize iOS devices, provide valid alternatives to the App Store, and ultimately, give control back to the user. Although there is less and less interest in jailbreaking today, a big part of that dissident software still exists.

A good example is AppCake, an alternative store to the App Store that distributes all kinds of applications, free and paid, without any limitation. To help you decide whether it is appropriate to use them or not, we have prepared some guides and articles that will surely help you. Therefore, we will tell you what to do when you have problems with App Cake, discuss its legality, and expose some of the dangers of this tool. We have also forced the Malavida editors to make a decision: is this application really recommendable? Finally, if you are not too sure about AppCake, we explain exactly what it is and what its main functions are.

Remember that you can install AppCake using an IPA file, the iOS equivalent of Android APKs. We recommend that you obtain it from a reliable source to avoid security issues. To do so, use the link on this page.

AppCake doesn't work

AppCake is an application that usually does not fail. However, if you are experiencing problems using it, the solutions we propose in this article can help you improve its behavior.


Is AppCake safe?

When we address the issue of security and reliability when talking about software like AppCake, it is very difficult to make clear conclusions. We cannot state categorically that this app store is an insecure platform, but neither can we give a full guarantee of its security. However, there are some reasons why its installation is inadvisable:


Is AppCake legal?

AppCake is an alternative store to the App Store that lets you download applications on iOS devices. The installation and use of this type of software is not illegal, but it is required to perform a method of unlocking the device, commonly known as jailbreaking, that, according to Apple, invalidates the warranty of the device. Based on the official position of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, jailbreaking, which consists of modifying the operating system or installing app stores, does not contravene current law, at least in the United States.


What is AppCake and what's it for?

AppCake is an alternative store to the App Store. It lets the user get applications that are originally free, such as YouTube but also paid software. This last point not only goes against the regulations that Apple enforces on its devices but also violates the intellectual property laws of most countries.


How to uninstall AppCake

If you were trying to figure out how to delete AppCake from your iPhone because you don’t want to use it anymore due to whatever reason, you should know that you have to do so from Cydia, although there is another alternative that will tell you about later on. You’re obviously not going to be able to remove this application just like any other app installed on your device by simply hitting the X button. We’ll explain you how to do so following these simple steps:


How to install AppCake

To be able to install AppCake, you have to follow these simple steps, bearing in mind that before you start, you’ll need to have installed Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, since it’s an essential requirement to get hold of this app:


How to use AppCake

Once you’ve installed AppCake, you now need to learn how to use the resources offered by this alternative market to Apple’s official App Store. Let’s explain to you what you have to do:


March 26, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez