AppCake doesn't work

AppCake is an application that usually does not fail. However, if you are experiencing problems using it, the solutions we propose in this article can help you improve its behavior.

First of all, you should know that AppCake is a platform that requires an Internet connection to consult the remote database that contains its entire catalog of applications. As is obvious, it also requires an internet connection to download the necessary files for each application. Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the Internet properly, verify that your Wifi network is not failing, and check that you have a connection on other devices. These steps will help you diagnose the source of the error.

Secondly, uninstalling and reinstalling AppCake can help you solve some failures. This application is obtained from Cydia. Therefore, you can use this package manager to completely remove AppCake and to get its installer back. Remember that, to download AppCake, you need to have the appropriate repository within Cydia.

Finally, if your problems occur when running the applications you install with AppCake, use another IPA file installer. It is possible to obtain such files from different trusted repositories, such as Malavida.

Remember that AppCake, and therefore, the applications it distributes, is not a service supported by Apple, which means the company will not help you with errors arising from its use. Also, using such platforms requires jailbreaking, a process that completely voids the warranty of the device. The best way to save you all these problems will always be to use official means to obtain applications and video games. In the case of iOS, the only existing option is the App Store.