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Appgree is an innovating way of communication to make large groups reach agreements. Downloading Appgree will help your opinion to be taken into account

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It is quite usual that when we want to address a group, our messages or ideas aren't successful because they are lost in the crowd. Likewise, as individuals, our vindications before the Authorities, for instance, can be falling on deaf ears. Appgree appears intending to solve these problems, an innovating communication channel to voice groups of any size.

What is Appgree and how it works?

Appgree intends to start up the, until now, utopian idea of making thousands of people agree under the same cause or interest, in a matter of seconds. The size of the group, which is usually the main hindrance, becomes the solution for this application as the larger the group the greater the potential to transmit an idea. It works by means of the creation of channels or spaces where groups can meet online. The intention of these channels is to reach agreements by making questions with response times and the idea is to be able to include images files in the proposals. Everything managed by the administrator that has created the channel where the discussion takes place.

A tool for mass communication.


  • Creation of discussion channels about topics of interest.
  • Organised communication between members of large groups.
  • Send proposals as a member of a channel.
  • Make questions that can help to define the major current.

Many ways of being useful

Appgree can be used by commercial brands, celebrities, associations, authorities... All the latter, in order to gauge the opinion of those people related with the concept subject to discussion, to be able to submit proposals to the public authorities or seek opinions and reactions about an event, product, commercial strategy, etc.

Download Appgree and find out how to make your voice reach the destination you want.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or above.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • This application has been optimized for iPhone 5.
  • The application is under development and some of its features are still being implemented.
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