AppRemover is a free application that has been designed to guarantee the proper performance of the system after you uninstall any security software

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Security tools like antiviruses and firewalls are essential elements on any computer, but they can cause problems after being uninstalled, and this is the reason applications like AppRemover are created.

Eliminate any trace

AppRemover has two main functions:

  • Uninstaller: it can be used to eliminate any security application, making sure of eliminating any trace from them on the hard drive and from the Windows Registry file, in such a way that there is no negative influence towards the system.
  • Clean up: detects elements from any of the most important security applications on the market that may have been left behind after the applications are uninstalled from the system so as to be able to eliminate them.

Due to the large variety of security applications that are present on the market, AppRemover has been designed by a specific detection system, being compatible with avast!, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton and Panda, among others.

Download AppRemover to make sure that no security program has direct influence on the computer once eliminated from the system.

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Antony Peel
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