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With AppSnippetPreview you can obtain the snippet that your app needs for a virtual store. AppSnippetPreview lets you check what it's going to look like

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Stating that applications with the best snippets will probably have more downloads is worthy of Captain Obvious. Therefore, providing our applications with the best icons, descriptions or screenshots is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, developers can't know beforehand what their apps are going to look like in the App Store or Google Play, unless they make use of AppSnippetPreview.

How the AppSnippetPreview webapp works

Using AppSnippetPreview is as easy as clicking on start and filling in the fields required by the webapp. In other words, name of the application, icon, screenshots, price, developer, category, description and updates. We'll immediately be shown the final result.


  • View the final result of the snippet in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Test how the application appears in search results.
  • Adapted to applications for smartphones and tablets.
  • Edit the result as you go.

Get hold of the best snippet for your app in the applications store.

The intention of AppSnippetPreview is to provide your application with the best presentation. That's why developers and marketing, SEO and ASO managers will find it very useful so as to get hold of the perfect snippet, that will lead to as many downloads as possible.

Optimize the snippets of your apps in applications stores thanks to AppSnippetPreview.

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