The best Aptoide tips and tricks for Android

Aptoide is the alternative software store par excellence. Thanks to it, you can download applications and games to your Android device quickly and easily without depending on official stores, such as Google Play Store or the App Gallery.

Among its most outstanding features is the creation of collections of apps, also called stores, by any registered user. It is a simple and free way to distribute that software that we consider essential. It is also a precious tool for many developers who see in Aptoide the perfect platform to make their creations available to a large community. In addition to this, it has an integrated updater that will help you always have the latest versions, interesting recommendations from editors, and a fast and intuitive search engine to quickly search for any software.

In Malavida, we have prepared some guides, tricks, and articles that will help you take your first steps with Aptoide. We will show you how to install and uninstall it, how to create your own store with your favorite applications, and how to identify its official development. We also talk about Aptoide TV, the security you can expect from such a platform, and how to solve connection errors. Finally, learn about the company behind Aptoide, its history, and if it is possible to use it on an iPhone. All this, here, in Malavida.

If you have been depending on Google Play, it is time to break your chains. Remember that Aptoide works perfectly without superuser permissions, so there is no need to root your phone, and it does not generate conflicts with other application stores. Download now the latest version safely from Malavida and start discovering the best applications and games.

How to create your own store in Aptoide

Aptoide lets any user create their own application store. This is especially useful if you are a developer and want to promote your work. In this article, we tell you how you can do it yourself. First, register on the platform. You can use your Google account, Facebook account, or a valid email address.


How to update apps from Aptoide

The main reason developers update their applications is to improve performance, reliability, and security. Additionally, when launching updated versions of their developments, they include improved functions or new features. Having the latest version of your applications is essential, and that is why Aptoide includes a very complete update manager. Accessing it and handling it is very simple. Actually, you only have to follow a few steps.


Is Aptoide malware?

Aptoide is an alternative application store to Google Play, and in no case, can be considered malware, or malicious program. With this app, developers can share their applications and games in an easy, free, and fast way, achieving a great diffusion among its community of users. Even so, there are doubts about the security of this platform and this is mainly due to two reasons.


How to fix Aptoide if you can't download apps

Aptoide can fail for various reasons. If you are having problems downloading applications here are some possible solutions. The first is the simplest: reboot your device. In the world of informatics, and technology in general, putting a device back into operation can solve a lot of errors. To do this, just hold down the power button and tap on Restart.


Which is the original Aptoide

The official application of Aptoide is that which has been developed and distributed by Aptoide S.A., a Portuguese company based in Lisbon. Your original installation file is available through their official website, Additionally, you can download Aptoide from other renowned repositories, such as Malavida. Using the link below, you will get the latest official version of Aptoide, quickly, safely, and reliably.


How to fix the no connection error in Aptoide

Aptoide downloads all applications and games from its own servers. For this reason, an Internet connection is required. If you have been shown an error similar to the one you see on the cover of this article, we give you some solutions that can help you.


How to install Aptoide on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

There is no real method to install Aptoide on an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch. The vast majority of tutorials found on the Internet, besides being unreliable, are fake. Unlike Android, which lets you install as many stores as you want, Apple explicitly prohibits the use of any repository other than the App Store. That is why, from the start, you should be wary of any process that shows a version of Aptoide running on an iOS device.


Is Aptoide a virus?

Aptoide is an alternative application store. Using this type of third-party stores may create doubts about the security and guarantees they offer to the user. However, in this case, you can rest assured. Aptoide is not a virus and does not put the integrity of your device at risk. However, such a categorical statement is not free from interpretations.


Is Aptoide legal?

Aptoide is a completely legal application. Android is a much more open and permissive operating system than iOS, and therefore, lets you install applications from external sources. On Android, no one can prevent a user from installing any kind of software, whether programs or games, from a website or another store.


What is Aptoide and what's it for?

Aptoide is an alternative App Store that can be easily installed on any Android device. It is a secure option that does not require root permissions and works in parallel with the Google Play Store without generating conflicts. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the best of each store. Aptoide is an open-source application where other popular stores like F-Droid are born.


How to upload applications and games to Aptoide

Aptoide lets all users publish their own applications in a fully customized store. If you are a developer who wants to showcase your work or someone who wants to share your favorite applications with others, this article is for you. We explain how to upload your own applications and games and add them to your personal store. Let's get started.


Opinions about Aptoide: pros and cons

In Android, it is possible to download applications from different stores and media repositories, including Aptoide. If you have never used this formula before, or want to know the opinion and experience of other users, this is the right place.


Is Aptoide safe?

Aptoide is a completely safe application. In fact, it is one of the most popular alternative application stores among Android users and enjoys a good reputation among the community. Its developers have even talked with Huawei to include its platform in the Chinese company's devices. It is clear that Aptoide is a safe and legal application.


How to use Aptoide

Aptoide has a very simple and friendly interface. Also, it does not require registration to download and install applications, which makes things much easier. After installation, Aptoide starts by displaying a welcome screen. To continue, just tap Skip.


How to install Aptoide

Although it is a fully functional application store, the installation of Aptoide is very simple. In fact, it is no different from any other application. If you want to have this store on your device, first download its APK or installation file. For more security, make sure you do it from the official website. Of course, you can use the Malavida link to get your latest version quickly and safely.


How to uninstall Aptoide

It is likely that you have installed Aptoide for a particular use and no longer need it. On the contrary, maybe your expectations have not been met and the operation of this application store did not work as you expected. Whatever the reason, you can quickly and easily remove Aptoide from your device.


What is Aptoide TV?

Aptoide TV is an application store adapted for television and media players created by Aptoide. Whether you use Aptoide on your phone or Aptoide TV on your TV, both have the same goal: to be a good alternative to the respective official stores.


The best Aptoide alternatives

Aptoide is one of the most popular alternative application stores. It has a huge catalog of applications and is easy to use. However, other good alternatives are worth mentioning. Many people use this type of platform to download applications that are not in Google Play, to get the latest versions before anyone else or for their user experience. In this article, we show you a compilation of 6 Android software stores alternatives to Aptoide and Google Play.


Translated by Manuel Sánchez