Aptoide downloads all applications and games from its own servers. For this reason, an Internet connection is required. If you have been shown an error similar to the one you see on the cover of this article, we give you some solutions that can help you.

First, clear the application cache. You can do this from the application tab in the Android settings. To access, hold down its icon and tap on the information button.

Open the application’s info from the home screenOpen the application’s info from the home screen

Then, take the opportunity to stop the application completely. Do it using the Force Stop button.

Force an application to stopForce an application to stop

Then, from the same screen, enter the Storage & cache section and delete the temporary data from the application using the Clear cache button.

Clear Aptoide’s cacheClear Aptoide’s cache

Check if the connection problems have been solved. If they persist, return to the previous section and use the Clear Storage button to restore the application. This action is comparable to reinstalling Aptoide and will force you to log in again.

Clear the data of an appClear the data of an app

So far we have acted on the application. But what about your device? Check that WiFi and mobile data are on. You can do this from the quick settings panel, by sliding from the top of the screen.

Check the device’s connectionsCheck the device’s connections

Finally, restart your device.

Reboot your poneReboot your pone

If unfortunately, none of this solves the connection error of Aptoide, perhaps you are facing a more serious fault. For example, even if your WiFi connection is active, the Internet connection may be failing. Discard this error using only the mobile data connection. It is also likely that the servers of Aptoide are experiencing problems. Finally, discard that the culprit is your device by using another application to connect to the Internet. If, in that case, it is not possible to establish an Internet connection, you may be facing a hardware error.