How to uninstall Aptoide

It is likely that you have installed Aptoide for a particular use and no longer need it. On the contrary, maybe your expectations have not been met and the operation of this application store did not work as you expected. Whatever the reason, you can quickly and easily remove Aptoide from your device.

The first thing you need to do is to locate it on your phone. You can find it in the application box of the launcher or on the home page, in case you have created a shortcut. In any case, tap on its icon for a long time.

Aptoide in the application trayAptoide in the application tray

Tap on the information icon of the application to access the Aptoide tab in Android.

Open the application’s datasheetOpen the application’s datasheet

Use the Uninstall button to start the uninstall.

Uninstall buttonUninstall button

Tap on OK to confirm.

Confirm the uninstallationConfirm the uninstallation

Once the process is finished, Aptoide will have disappeared from your device. As you have seen, the process of installing and uninstalling Aptoide is exactly the same as the rest of the applications. In fact, you can install and uninstall Aptoide as many times as you want.

Keep in mind that Aptoide works perfectly together with other application stores, in a parallel way. Therefore, on the same device, you can have Google Play, Amazon App Store, or Malavida. Under no circumstances should you uninstall it if you are concerned about conflicts between different software repositories installed on your Android device.

Thanks to Aptoide, you will be able to download any application without having to go through Google Play and always have the latest version. Also, you will find a large number of developments, games, and utilities that are not available in the official store because they violate its terms and conditions of use.