How to update apps from Aptoide

The main reason developers update their applications is to improve performance, reliability, and security. Additionally, when launching updated versions of their developments, they include improved functions or new features. Having the latest version of your applications is essential, and that is why Aptoide includes a very complete update manager. Accessing it and handling it is very simple. Actually, you only have to follow a few steps.

First, go to the home page and locate the Apps button. You will see it in the lower right corner of the screen, integrated into the navigation bar. Tap on it to see your pending updates. You can also check for new versions with the numeric indicator above this shortcut.

Open the update managerOpen the update manager

Now, use the Update all function. This way, Aptoide will get all pending updates and install them on your device.

Update all the applicationsUpdate all the applications

If you want to install your applications individually, tap on the icon next to them, in the form of a circular arrow.

Update individual applicationsUpdate individual applications

Once all this process is finished, you will have the last version of your games and apps.

Remember that, thanks to Aptoide, you will be able to update even the applications you installed from other stores, such as Google Play. This is precisely one of the advantages of having an alternative software market to the official one. It is possible that on some occasions, the last version of an application arrives first to Aptoide than Google Play. In this sense, we must tell you that it is not necessary to uninstall either of them. Thanks to the open nature of Android, you can install as many stores as you want and use them all simultaneously.