Is Aptoide a virus?

No, Aptoide is definitely not a virus. It’s an Android application store that you can use as an alternative to the official market, Google Play Store, and that can be installed on any device running on this mobile operating system. Thanks to the latter, you can download applications and games that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find in the official store, as well as many other titles that can be found on both platforms. It’s an excellent way to find apps that, due to different reasons, aren’t available on Google’s market place.

Some people tend to think that it’s a virus because in the past many of the apps that were shared on this platform had malware problems. However, and with the intention to become a solid and efficient alternative to the Play Store, Aptoide has put in a lot of effort to check and analyze all the software that its users can download in order to avoid any security problems. That’s the only way to give a reliable and safe image to its users who want to download secure applications to their smartphones and tablets.

Another reason that has led many users to consider using Aptoide App Store as unsafe is that, a few years ago, Google recommended its users to uninstall this app from their devices as it was found suspicious of spreading malware. That happened back in 2015 and it was Google’s own app verifier that issued the warning due to security reasons but not referring to the market store itself: the warning referred to the applications hosted on the platform that could be used to spy on other users.