Is Aptoide a virus?

Aptoide is an alternative application store. Using this type of third-party stores may create doubts about the security and guarantees they offer to the user. However, in this case, you can rest assured. Aptoide is not a virus and does not put the integrity of your device at risk. However, such a categorical statement is not free from interpretations.

Aptoide lets any user create their own application store, distribute their own developments, or create a collection of applications extracted directly from their device. Obviously, thanks to this, Aptoide provides access to applications that are not available on Google Play. This system also opens the door to malicious programs or viruses that can threaten the security of your phone.

In recent times, the Portuguese company has tried to build trust in the community. On its official website, you will find strong statements, assuring that there are recent studies that place it as the safest Android app store. Additionally, Aptoide has introduced some new features that give the user a sense of peace of mind, such as verified applications. It is clear that the intentions to displace other competitors and to have a good reputation are strongly increasing.

The reality is that no app store is one hundred percent safe. For example, in Google Play, there have been cases of malicious programs that reached the store by bypassing the verification process. It is true that Aptoide still lets any user upload their own applications, but it is increasingly making efforts to keep a store free of malware. However, do not forget that the best antivirus is you.