Is Aptoide malware?

No, Aptoide is definitely not malware. The doubts and concerns about this alternative store to download Android applications (basically, an alternative to the official Google Play Store) are widely spread but have nothing to do with the reality behind Aptoide.

These doubts about the security of this store are mainly due to the fact that some of the applications that we could download from this platform have contained certain types of malware in the past. Therefore, we have to differentiate between the apps hosted by Aptoide and Aptoide itself. Are you following us?

A recommendation published by Google in 2015 telling its Android users to uninstall this application from their devices due to the danger of installing APK files contributed hugely towards this belief and havoc. But this is mainly due to Google’s own policies that obviously don’t want anyone else to meddle in its business of distributing applications for Android smartphones and tablets.

So what has Aptoide done? Well, what anyone else in the same situation, with their same download volume and traffic would also do: to appease and calm down its users by applying more thorough checks on all the applications uploaded to its store.

In any case, you should know that there’s no such thing as a store that is 100% safe: it’s hard to control whether a certain application gathers or not information about the activities of its users. For such purpose, it’s recommendable that, regardless of the option we choose and how reliable it looks, we check the permissions that we grant during the installations of any APK or application, and especially in the case of iTube.