Is Aptoide safe?

Regarding the security of this application, we can find all sorts of different opinions. In the first place, its developers obviously guarantee that Aptoide is safe. But, of course, what else could they say? Nevertheless, if we take a look around other user opinions that we can find on the Internet, we can find comments saying totally the opposite. Let’s see what they say about this app.

Firstly, back in 2015 Google indicated that Aptoide was not safe. One could think that, as a direct competitor, the guys at Mountain View were interested in saying that it was unsafe but the truth is that its security verification showed a warning sign when installing the app of the alternative store saying that it could contain spyware. In other words, it didn’t mean that Aptoide was spying on us but there could be software in the store that could be used for this purpose, even it had nothing to do with Aptoide.

In fact, this is one of the major drawbacks of this market and other unofficial stores: the fact that they do not certify the software they distribute. On the contrary, Google says that it controls and monitors all the apps that it publishes although amongst millions of apps maybe one or two could have slipped passed their controls.

Aptoide, to refute those who say that its apps may contain malware, states that it has a real-time analysis platform that disables potential threats within all its repositories. In other words, it removes any suspicious software that may cause problems to the user.

In any case, if you’re not 100% sure and you come across an app that doesn’t offer you too much confidence, you can always search for opinions about it. Many comments can offer you useful information about applications that you want to download.