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If you usually work with diagrams, you will be interested in downloading Araucaria for free. It's an ideal program to create or reconstruct diagrams. With Araucaria you can study and analyse in depth all the arguments of your diagrams, using a simple and interactive interface.

Features of Araucaria

  • Compatible with argumentation schemes.
  • Set of customizable diagrams to analyze arguments.
  • Export arguments in AML, "Argument Markup Language" format, based on XML.

Students, teachers and researchers

If you start off in this field with Araucaria, you will find it quite easy to become familiar with the reconstruction of arguments, their subsequent integration into diagrams and the application of argumentation schemes.

In the case of teachers and tutors, they will appreciate how easy it is to offer alternative sets of schemes, insert their own examples and analyses. Even researchers can find argument analysis examples that support their work.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Glenn Rowe, Chris Reed
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