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Ares Ultra Search is a tool that improves the efficiency of the searches over P2P networks. Find what you are looking for by downloading Ares Ultra Search

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If you think that the search engine that's integrated in the popular Ares P2P application is a bit weak, you can try Ares Ultra Search, an application the optimizes the searches that has as a main purpose to make sure that you always find the file you were looking for.

  As you could do in the Ares search engine, to improve the search you can basically indicate what you are looking for: audio, video, applications, images or documents are the options included to try to improve the search and thus make sure that we don't find files that we aren't looking for. Among the files that Ares Ultra Search best indexes, we will find MP3, WAV, MPEG, AVI, WMA, DIVX and EXE, that are basically the most extensions used in searches in peer to peer nets.

  Furthermore, the searches can be launched in different places: your P2P program, websites, FTP servers, the application's integrated search engine, depending on which are our preferences and how we use Ares. It also includes RSS feed subscription to obtain downloads and news about the Ares network and downloads that may interest us.
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