Ares Ultra

An alternative version of Ares, Ares Ultra includes a download accelerator. Download Ares Ultra and get hold of all kinds of files: music, videos,...

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Ares is probably the most used program to download all types of files from the web (films, video games, applications, eBooks or music), because it is very easy to use and thanks to its vast community we can achieve a very good download speed.

  Ares Ultra looks exactly identical to the original program, but the difference is that it includes a download accelerator that will allow us to download files with few feeds at greater speed.

  Exactly like the genuine version of Ares, this application includes a file manager, a multimedia player, and of course, a download manager. We'll be able to change the download speed from the configuration panel, so that it doesn't hinder our browsing or our instant messaging program.

  If you want to see your files filling your hard drive faster than ever, you don't need to configure your router or download other accelerators. Ares Ultra has more than enough power to fly when it comes to downloading from P2P networks.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has certain limitations.
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