Ares Vista

Ares Vista is a clone of the renowned file sharing program Ares. Download Ares Vista and discover a program with a minimalist and practical interface

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One of the best known programs to share files by means of networks based on P2P is Ares, that many users think that is the quickest both when it comes to searching for files as well as when it comes to downloading them, even more than eMule and LimeWire. There are many clones of Ares, and one of them is Ares Vista.

   Ares Vista is one of the many Ares versions that can be found. It provides all its functionalities with the advantage of working perfectly on Windows Vista, as well as being compatible with the Windows XP operating system.

   Like all the Ares mods, it stands out due to its great likeliness with it, in such a way that it will be very easy to use. From an interface that is almost identical to that of Ares, we'll have access to the different tabs from which you can search for files, manage your downloads as well as the uploads, access a library where all the files that we have downloaded will be organized, access chat rooms,...

   Make the most of your Ares downloads from Windows Vista with Ares Vista!
Requirements and additional information:
To download files with the application it's necessary to perform a paid registry.
Ares P2P
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