Tips and Tricks for Ares: faster downloads with this help and advice

Ares, officially known as Ares Galaxy, is legendary for thousands of users. This file-sharing software uses its own P2P network (peer-to-peer). Although it was launched in 2002 and its usage rate has decreased significantly, its performance is excellent. The official Ares client works great in the latest versions of Windows and its search engine can find a very high amount of documents.

Ares still offers most of its original features. In addition to file sharing, it lets you play multimedia content, listen to radio and television broadcasts, and chat with other users through its instant messaging platform. Whether you are a current Ares user or thinking of using it again, you are in the right place. Below, you will find the best tips to get the most out of it.

For example, we will tell you how to install and configure Ares on your computer, from scratch and step by step. Also, we will explain exactly what it is, who is behind its development, what its main functions are, and how to use it. Thanks to our guides, you will also learn how to modify the bandwidth assigned to Ares and to limit simultaneous downloads. Finally, we will tell you how to share additional folders within your P2P network, how to solve connection problems, and how to find downloaded files. Everything about Ares and much more without leaving Malavida.

Are you ready to explore the ins and outs of Ares? Download its executable and install it on your PC. To do this, make sure to get it only from reliable sources, such as its official website. Of course, you can also use the link on this page for a quick and safe download.

How to limit simultaneous downloads in Ares

Limiting simultaneous downloads in Ares is a very simple process. The first thing you must do is open the settings panel of the application by clicking on the Control Panel button.


How to share folders and files in Ares

Sharing files with other users in Ares is very easy. First, access the control panel.


How to adjust the bandwidth in Ares

Limiting the bandwidth of Ares will let you continue using your Internet connection normally, even when you are downloading files. Doing so is very simple and you only need to access the settings of the application. First, click on Control Panel.


Why is Ares not connecting

Several causes prevent Ares from properly connecting to the network. To check if there is a real connection problem, go to the application's control panel.


Why is Ares not working

Ares is usually trouble-free. In fact, it is such a simple application that it starts working as soon as you install it. However, if you are encountering problems, here are the possible causes and their solutions.


Why is Ares not downloading

Many reasons prevent Ares from normally downloading a file. Since it is based on a P2P network (point-to-point), it requires other users to be connected to obtain files. If none of the computers hosting the file are running Ares, the only thing you can do is wait for at least one of them to do so. In fact, this is usually the most common cause that prevents a download from starting. However, it may also be due to connectivity issues.


Why is Ares not searching

Although not common, Ares may be having trouble finding files. This type of error is mainly caused by connection failures that, at the same time, are caused by Windows firewall restrictions.


What is Ares and what is it used for

Ares is a download manager that uses its own P2P network to operate. This software, officially known as Ares Galaxy, was released in 2002 as an open-source project. Its developer, Lap3k, has only released versions for Windows. Therefore, unlike other popular file-sharing platforms, such as eMule or BitTorrent, it is not possible to access its network on macOS, Linux, or mobile devices.


How to install Ares and configure it to download faster

Installing Ares in Windows is a very simple process. The first thing you must do is download the installer to your computer. You can use the link provided at Malavida to enjoy a fast and safe download.


How to remove ads from Ares

Ares is an open-source project that does not include advertising. Therefore, if you have found any application that promises to eliminate Ares ads, be immediately suspicious. In fact, most of the programs that promise to eliminate Ares advertising, try to trick the user into installing harmful software on their computer. If you have a version of this P2P manager that includes ads, likely, it is not the official one. In that case, we recommend that you uninstall it quickly.


Where are Ares downloads saved

The files that Ares downloads are saved by default in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Ares\My Shared Folder. You can check that this is the case by opening the application's control panel.


How to use Ares and how it works

Ares is a very simple application. All its functionalities are located in six main sections. The first of these is Library. Here, Ares classifies the media files you have downloaded. Also, it lets you play each of them using the integrated media player.


How to fix the Ares not connecting problem

If you have had connection problems when using Ares, the two solutions we propose in this article will help you. The first one you can put into practice without leaving the application. Access the Ares settings by clicking on Control Panel.


January 13, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez