How to adjust the bandwidth in Ares

Limiting the bandwidth of Ares will let you continue using your Internet connection normally, even when you are downloading files. Doing so is very simple and you only need to access the settings of the application. First, click on Control Panel.

Modify Ares’ settingsModify Ares’ settings

Then, click on the Transfer tab to display the download options.

Access the download optionsAccess the download options

Now, check the contents of the Bandwidth section. If the value that appears in both text fields is 0, it means that Ares is downloading without applying any limit.

Ares with no download limitAres with no download limit

To set this value correctly, you need to know the maximum speed of your network. Then, decide what percentage of the bandwidth you want to give to Ares. By doing this simple calculation, you will know what the limit to be applied should be.

Download limit appliedDownload limit applied

Remember that you can also modify other settings related to downloading files. In the Transfer section, it is possible to change the number of parallel uploads and downloads. Limiting these settings as much as possible will also help keep your Internet connection from becoming saturated.

Other download optionOther download option

Finally, we give you some additional tips to have success in your downloads. For example, it is necessary to disconnect from your network all those devices that are not essential. By doing this, you will lighten the load on the router and the connection. Also, we recommend you to check if your connection problems are really coming from a saturated bandwidth. After all, Ares rarely downloads using maximum speed. In that case, focus your efforts on improving the coverage of your Wi-Fi network or even connect your computer through a cable.