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Arm Adult Filter is an ideal tool to be able to control what websites your children have access to. Download Arm Adult Filter free and control what they see

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Internet grows each day, offering all types of contents for its users, from games and study websites for children to a wide array of pages focused towards adults. This can end up being a problem, because it isn't always possible for an adult to be beside the children when they are using a computer. A solution to avoid that they access inappropriate contents is to use Arm Adult Filter.

Choose which sites are accessible

How Arm Adult Filter works is relatively simple, because per default is establishes lists, that can be edited by the user, on which it will base the filtering criteria:

  • White list: sites which are accessible without any type of problem.
  • Black list: this list includes the pages that will be blocked automatically.
  • Word black list: here the user can establish word filters which will make the program block the access to a specific page.

Thanks to these lists Arm Adult Filter will be able to avoid that children access websites that contain inappropriate contents like religious connotations, violence or that are sexually explicit, offering more reassurance to the parents.

Therefore, if you want to have control over the websites visited by your children when they use your computer, you only have to download Arm Adult Filter free.

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