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Would you like to experience the adrenaline rush of robbing a bank? Become a bank robber in Armed Heist, a third-person shooter for Android devices

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In this shooting and action game from the Sozap studio, we will get into the skin of the villain of the story, playing as a bank robber, jeweler thief, and more. Though, the robber is quite psychopathic, since we will have to take out lots of cops on our way to freedom.

The game of third-person shooter and action that will take your breath away!

Kill or be killed

Armed Heist is an interesting game that combines the best of third-person shooters and robbery games. At each level (over 70 available), we will have to complete different objectives before the police officers get us.

So, what we will have to do is steal the money (or the jewelry, or whatever), get out of the place, and walk away. In the process, we will have to take down the cops who are determined not to let us commit the crime. If the police officers catch us before the getaway vehicle arrives at the scene, we will have to start the level all over again.

Dodging bullets while robbing banks and armored cars has never been so much fun!

Controls are greatly simplified to enhance the immersive and engaging gameplay experience. We can easily move around the stage with our left thumb. Every time our thief gets to some point where he can hide, he will automatically do so. Also, we have a button to shoot and a button to aim our weapon.

Many customization options.

There is a large collection of pistols, machine guns, rifles, and so on. Moreover, an interesting feature of this game is that we can modify our arsenal to make it more lethal. So we can add parts such as loaders and silencers to our weapons, and even change their design with camouflage colors. Furthermore, we can customize our helmet, outfits, masks, and suits.

Additionally, the games are short and very exciting. All levels are different and each one provides us with very original challenges that go far beyond the simplistic approach of classic third-person shooter games. Also, the incredible level of 3D graphics is remarkable, offering an amazingly realistic environment with great effects (such as when a glass is broken by bullets).

Would you like to face a different challenge full of adrenaline and totally exciting? If you like shooting games, you cannot miss this game. Now, let's download the APK file!

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
3 months ago
1.4 GB

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