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Arrival Notice makes an automatic missed call once you have arrived at your destination. Use Arrival Notice to let people know that you have arrived

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How many times have you had to make a missed call to let somebody know that you have reached your destination? This can be something dangerous for you and other drivers, as well as possibly causing you to be fined by the police. But now you can avoid these dangers by using Arrival Notice.

This application works by defining a destination, a telephone number and the distance from the destination you want the call to take place. When you arrive within this distance of your destination the program will automatically carry out a missed call to the indicated number, so as to let somebody know that you have arrived or that you have passed by a certain place during your travels. You can configure the length of the call and once it has taken place, the programmed destination will be deactivated until you activate it again.

Arrival notice includes functions that favor battery saving, like checking the position by means of GPS with more or less frequency as you get nearer to your destionation.

Download Arrival Notice (missed call) and comfortably notify whoever you want while you keep on driving.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.1.
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