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Is life getting on your nerves? The Art Puzzle game invites us to disconnect for a while with its beautiful puzzles for adults and its relaxing effect

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Life is a mess and we are all looking for that haven of peace we crave in our daily lives. Some find it in a steaming cup of tea, others in books and many turn to puzzles. The guys at Easybrain, experts in the field, now offer us a beautiful puzzle game that invites us to relax and let ourselves be carried away to a world full of joy and color.

Beautiful relaxing puzzles for adults

Art Puzzle is one of the most beautiful, sensitive and original puzzle games for mobile. The goal is to complete a scenario with the elements that appear at the bottom of the interface to create a beautiful hand-painted picture.

Solve a hidden puzzle, explore beautiful landscapes and admire dreamy images.

But it won't be enough to simply drop the pieces into the image. We will have to place each object in turn, following the contours that we will see on the stage. Once we finish, new templates will be unlocked to place more pieces, and so on until we complete the puzzle.

The mechanics lack any difficulty, since the goal is to color some beautiful images to relax the mind, relieve stress and let ourselves go while enjoying the journey. However, we have hints in case we get stuck.

Try this refreshing reimagining of the classic painting games!

On the other hand, the graphics are really beautiful, although some relaxing music is missing to complete the experience. However, downloading the APK file is totally free, so we have nothing to lose if we decide to give it a try.

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Shay O’Toole
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