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Sell ​​your artwork with the lowest possible costs using Artery. Anyone can now download your artwork from your Dropbox account thanks to Artery

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The evolution of the Internet has allowed anyone who undertakes creative work to divulge it independently and autonomously without having to rely on any company to acheive diffusion. Inspired by this philosophy, Artery has been developed, a web application that allows anyone to upload their work and sell it on the Net.

Take advantage of the cloud's potential

Artery is easy to use because all it requires is to register with the service and have a Dropbox acoount. There's no need to use a file manager to upload your creations, known as "bits", to any server because Artery synchronizes with your Dropbox account automatically. So, by setting your user profile, anyone can easily see and purchase your work via the web at all times, as the files will be sent directly from Dropbox. At the end of each month, Artery sends you your proceeds.


  • Upload your work and classify it according to the category it belongs to.
  • Easy file management from the control panel.
  • Complete statistics of visits, sales and downloads.
  • Customizable profile.
  • Ability to explore other user's work via the service.

Share or sell your work with the lowest costs using Artery.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You must have a Dropbox user account.
  • Artery earnings to be sent by check or via PayPal when amounts exceed $10.

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