Artha is a synonyms dictionary that allows you to find any reference. Download Artha for free, it is the easiest way to find any synonym when writing a text

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When it comes to writing the text for any project or if you want to write a book, it's a good idea to have dictionaries and a thesaurus at hand. And if the text that you're going to write is in English, one of the best thesauruses that you can use is Artha.

A thesaurus for your PC

Artha's interface is very light and shows us all the information in a clear and concise manner. The program only offers you the possibility to choose between detailed or straightforward information.

To give Artha more power, it offers us the chance to be able to choose a word from any text and to automatically search for a synonym and a definition of the word by simply pressing a keyboard shortcut, that can even be customized by the user.

As well as the synonyms and definitions of the word, Artha shows antonyms, similar words and word types. Therefore, if you want to have quick access to a complete synonyms and antonyms dictionary in English, download and install Artha, it's free.

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Antony Peel
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