AsfTools is an application that will allow you to work with files in ASF, WMV and WMA format. With AsfTools you will be able to cut, repair or convert files

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AsfTools is a tool that is specialized in working with ASF, WMV and WMA files. With this application you will be able to join and divide files, repair corrupt videos, recode and convert to AVI or WAV. IF you usually use this kind of files, AsfTools will come in very handy to work with them and modify them.

  The ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) is an audio and video container specially designed and used for streaming. If you usually download videos in this format, AsfTools is the tool that you've been looking for. You'll be able to join two or more videos into a single one, divide files into various parts or recode files.

  AsfTools also allows you to repair the videos that may have become corrupt due to various reasons. Another function that AsfTools offers is to add a search bar to the videos, because many of the files that come from streaming don't offer you the possibility to move the image forwards or backwards. And last of all, with AsfTools you'll be able to convert these formats to AVI or WAV in a very simple way.

  Try out AsfTools and manage ASF files without any problems.
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