Ashampoo Magical Defrag Ashampoo Magical Defrag allows you to defrag hard drives in a matter of seconds. Download Ashampoo Magical Defrag now and improve how your computer works
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Hard drives are one of the main bottlenecks of any PC. Their speed is no way near what it should be if we take into account the great advances that other computer components have suffered in the last few years. But still, the more we look after our hard drive, the better our PC will work. That is why it is so important to defrag our hard drives with tools like Ashampoo Magic Defrag, a program with a new and interesting way of working: it always works in the background.

Defrag your hard drive without any trouble

The file fragmentation on our hard drives is a problem that really affects the performance of any computer, that is why it is necessary to avoid it by means of specialized applications. Ashampoo Magical Defrag allows you to thoroughly configure the defragmenting process, even when it has to take place. Normally, the program works when the computer isn't doing anything, it simply starts the screensaver and starts to defrag.

One of the advantages of this program is that the tasks can be scheduled days in advance so that they start at the time and day of our choice. Furthermore, it is possible to configure several tasks at the same time, thanks to which everything will have finished by the time we wake up or get home.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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