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2.02 Ashampoo Magical Security allows you to encrypt files so that nobody can access them. Download Ashampoo Magical Security and protect your documents
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Ashampoo Magical Security is a powerful tool to encrypt those confidential files that you want to protect. It is based on encrypting the files and protecting them with a key that only you will know. Nobody will be able to access this information and your documents won't be able to be read by anybody. It's important to remember the password that you have established because if not it will be impossible to read the encrypted files again.

The algorithm with which the files are encrypted is so powerful that it will be impossible to decrypt it without the password. Ashampoo Magical Security will help you to protect your documents from possible attacks and spies that want to investigate your confidential information.

How to use Magical Security

It's very simple to use: first, you have to establish which the master password will be because it will allow you to encrypt and decrypt the files. You will only have to select the files that you want to encrypt and some of the functions that are available:

  • Encrypt as an EXE.
  • Encrypt on a CD/DVD.
  • Compress the file and encrypt it.
  • Send the encrypted file by email.

Furthermore, Ashampoo Magical Security also allows you to eliminate files securely, without leaving a trace. Try out this complete tool and keep your confidential information protected.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This trial lasts for 10 days, but it can be expanded to 30 days by means of a free registry.
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