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Compressing an image and an audio sample into the same file is very easy if you use Ashampoo SeeYa!. Download Ashampoo SeeYa! and surprise the recipient

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Some of the modern digital cameras already include the function of Ashampoo SeeYa!, due to the fact that it is eye-catching and amusing. This program allows us to add a fragment of audio to an image so that when we open the image to view it, we hear the sound that has been assigned to it.

Organize your images in an eye-catching manner

This feature may seem somewhat strange to some users, but it can be used for both personal and professional projects. A photograph with a group of friends will probably be a lot better if it has a shout or song associated with it, and a company logo can have the slogan associated with it, something that is always eye-catching and surprising.

The way to present images with audio is called Carrusel, and Ashampoo SeeYa! is the perfect interface to create them, by simply indicating the images that we want, it will allow us to record with the microphone the sound that we want (and if we don't have a microphone, we can write the score and the application will generate the audio). After this, it will compress everything in a unique file that we will be able to share with whoever we want.

Ashampoo SeeYa! creates a file that once launched will show the images and play the sound without any problem, what's more, it will allow us to do so at full screen and with slideshow options.

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