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Pass the contents of any disc to your computer with Asunder. Rip and digitize audio CDs to any format of your choice once you download Asunder free

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The sheer amount of choices that we have nowadays to rip discs causes all these programs to attempt to differentiate themselves from one another somehow. Asunder tries to make itself a small place in the market by offering added quality, a rather reasonable amount of formats and direct connection with CDDB to fill in the tags of the resulting files.

  This software is installed easily and can be launched quickly without requiring many resources. Once launched, it runs in the background awaiting for the user to put an Audio CD in the drive. When this happens, it will quickly read it and search for its data on CDDB, show the resulting information about its songs, tracks, album title and even the cover.

  Before starting to rip audio we will have to choose the codec that we want to use. Asunder supports OGG, MP3, WAV, AAC and Muse, among others, but requires them to be installed on the system. Once we have configured the codec, selected the quality we want and obtained the tags, we will be able to start converting the audio.

  Asunder is a really simple conversion application, and is really worthwhile if you want to avoid complications.
Requirements and additional information:
The application may require that we install some libraries and codecs
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