ATF Cleaner

ATF Cleaner is a program designed to be able to eliminate all kinds of temporary files that accumulate on your computer and saturate the hard drive

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When you use your computer to browse over Internet, install and uninstall applications or simply to copy files between various devices, you generate a series of temporary files that become totally obsolete and that occupy a big amount of space on the hard drive, thus they should be eliminated. If what you want to avoid is having to go from folder to folder searching for those files that are no longer any use and deleting them manually, you can resort to a program like ATF Cleaner.

  This development offers the possibility to eliminate all the Windows temporary files with a single click of the mouse, and as well as the temporary files it will also delete the user temporary files, the cookies, the Java cache, the recycling bin and the history files and other information of the browser.

  As well as with Internet Explorer, it is also compatible with Firefox and Opera, thus you will be able to eliminate the obsolete files generated by these programs.

  Discover one of the most simple methods to gain space on the hard drive, eliminating what is left behind without any bother, thanks to ATF Cleaner.
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