To install aTube Catcher, first, download the program using the button dedicated to it on this page. Once you have it on your PC, go to the folder where you saved the installation file and double click on it:

aTube Catcher installeraTube Catcher installer

We will see the user agreement license, check I accept the agreement, and click on Next:

aTube Catcher use agreementaTube Catcher use agreement

Then, the installer will let us choose the directory where the program will be saved. We can change it if we want, but we recommend that you keep the default folder that aTube Catcher has as default. Click on Next to proceed:

Selection of aTube Catcher’s locationSelection of aTube Catcher’s location

Next, we will have to choose whether to create a shortcut in the Start menu for aTube Catcher and its various functions. If you want to change it, write something in the text field, if not, click Next:

Creating the folder in the Start MenuCreating the folder in the Start Menu

Now, the installer shows us options to place direct access to the application on the desktop, both to the program and to an extension to search for music from it. You can check or uncheck them according to your needs. To continue, click on Next:

Creating aTube Catcher shortcutsCreating aTube Catcher shortcuts

Next, we will find what is considered the biggest drawback of this software: the inclusion of crapware, or installation packages of programs that we do not want and that come "hidden" in an installer of a program that we do want to have. The advantage? It can be avoided by just pressing a button, but we must be careful not to be caught off guard. In this case, we click on Decline:

Crapware in aTube CatcherCrapware in aTube Catcher

Finally, we will arrive at the aTube Catcher installation screen. Here, we will click on Install:

Button to install aTube CatcherButton to install aTube Catcher

Now, it is enough to let the installer do its job. When finished, we will be given the option to open the program by leaving Launch aTube Catcher checked and click on Finish:

Installation completedInstallation completed

And that is it, we will have aTube Catcher installed on our PC.