To record the screen with aTube Catcher, first, open the program. Then, click on the Screen Recorder tab:

Screen recorder tabScreen recorder tab

Now, let's look at the first thing we will find in section 1, Select area to record:

Recorded area optionsRecorded area options

As you can see, there are three buttons in this section. Each of them lets us perform a different action:

  • Select area: lets us choose an area of the screen to record. To do this, we will click and drag to record the portion of the screen that we are interested in.
  • Select frame: lets us choose a window to record its content. Just place the cursor inside a window, let the program recognize your area, and click to have the area selected.
  • Fullscreen: lets us record the entire screen.

In the next section, Audio device, you can choose where you want the sound to be captured from a microphone, your computer, or no sound at all. To do this, click on the drop-down menu next to the section name:

Choosing the sound recording deviceChoosing the sound recording device

The contents of this menu will vary depending on your sound card and what you have connected to your PC.

The third section should let us choose the format we want the video to be recorded in, but in this version (at least) it seems that we are restricted to WMV. The fourth section is Set output folder, which will let us change the video output folder in case we want to:

Output folderOutput folder

In the fifth one, we will be able to modify some options of the recording: a time after the recording will stop, the moment when it will start (if after a few seconds or just pressing the record button), record, and follow the cursor and so on. The important thing, however, is below: the Start button. If we press it, the screen recording will start:

Button to record the screenButton to record the screen

When the recording is finished, the video will appear in the list at the bottom of the window:

List of screen recorded videosList of screen recorded videos

As you can see, it is very easy to record your screen by following the procedure we give you. We take this opportunity to remind you that aTube Catcher is a very complete suite that is worth trying.