aTube Catcher is a legal program, but some of its features may let you do illegal things. This program is designed to download videos from the mainstreaming sites, create optical discs, and even download music in MP3 format. All these functions could be used to obtain copyright-protected content, something that is illegal.

Even if programs that let you do this kind of thing are not investigated, you could still be in violation if you decide to use them to access audiovisual records that you have no rights to. YouTube, for example, has implemented very strict (and restrictive) property and copyright policies over the last few years on its content and aTube Catcher lets you download its videos with just a few clicks.

That does not mean that absolutely everything on YouTube is protected by copyright, there is also free and legal content that is distributed through the platform; that would not put users in any legal trouble. Other functions do the same: you can create an optical disc or change the format of a video without any problem, as long as you do so with content that you have intellectual property rights or copyright. If you do not have rights on the recorded material, we repeat, we have a problem.

All we can say about aTube Catcher is that it moves in a line that borders on the illegal (like many other Internet programs that serve to download videos or music), but whether or not it moves can only be decided by a judge if a complaint is filed. The judge will rule according to the interpretation of the law, and the direct consequences could fall, as we have already mentioned, on the user.