There is nothing, from the point of view of computer security, that alerts us about aTube Catcher. Its installer indeed includes other pre-packaged programs (known as crapware), but we can reject its installation if we are not interested. Unlike those installers which a few years ago, hijacked your computer's home page by installing applications on your PC, or even worse.

This only means that you can install it without fear of any extra malware on your computer. Obviously, it is one of the most installed programs of its kind worldwide. We have to recognize that, however, as users, we do not always think about security, but rather about functions.

And what functions are we talking about? Well, of all these, which makes it one of the video suites most appreciated by users:

  • It lets you download videos from the Internet, from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, and in a good deal of formats.
  • It has an internal video converter that lets you export to a large number of formats.
  • It incorporates a screen recorder, that at all times, will capture what happens on our desktop.
  • It also has an audio recorder, in case we need to leave recorded voice notes on our computer.

As you can see, aTube Catcher is not only safe, but it provides you with a whole series of useful tools that can help you with your audiovisual needs.