With aTuner you'll be able to configure all the details concerning your graphic card to improve your playing experience. Download aTuner to your PC for free

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aTuner is a program with which you'll be able to control the most important details of your graphic card's performance, from a very simple and intuitive interface, as long as it belongs to the Radeon, GeForce or Quadro family, that are very common among all those users that like to play all kinds of games on their PC.

  Among the parameters that it will allow you to modify, you'll find the Antialiasing (that consists in eliminating frequency information that is too high) and the VSync system (very important to manage to make some games work at a decent speed).

  The main window of the application shows various aspects about the configuration of the program in a very clear and direct manner, unlike other similar tools, that have been developed for more advanced users who are looking for total control of the performance of their graphic cards.

  Discover a development with which you'll be able to change some of the properties of your ATI or nVidia in the most simple manner, thanks to aTuner, a totally free application.
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