Audiggle will identify any song that you listen to on your computer. Find out the name of the songs that you have always wondered about with Audiggle

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Have you ever wondered about which group played a certain soundtrack and what the name of the song was. The solution is here, and it's called Audiggle.

Search for the songs that you don't know

How Audiggle works is rather simple, the application stays latent in the system tray waiting for the user to require its features, and by means of the contextual menu it allows to start a search.

Once the search option is selected, Audiggle will start recording an extract of the audio that is playing, and it will compare it with its database. And depending on how rare the song is Audiggle will take more or less time in offering all the relevant data to the user.

Once the song's data has been located, Audiggle will show the artist or the groups name on its interface, the name of the song and the album on which it was launched.

Furthermore, Audiggle won't subtract credits on those searches that it can't offer any clear result for, clearly indicating how much they rely on being able to offer the correct results for each of the songs.

Download Audiggle so that you never have to wonder about the name of a certain song after hearing an advert or soundtrack.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It's necessary to register free of charge from the application.
  • It's only possible to carry out five searches per month free of charge.
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