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Audio Spy is an application that can be used to record any sound which passes through a PC. Record your conversations when using your PC thanks to Audio Spy

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Each day computers are used more often to communicate and when VoIP programs are used, it can actually come in very handy on some occasions to remember part of the conversation afterwards, which is one of the purposes why Audio Spy has been developed.

Simple process

Recording audio by means of Audio Spy is very simple, because it will only be necessary to activate the software for it to start offering all the audio sources available on the system via its interface, in such a way that it will be possible to select one and choose when to start recording and when to stop.

The audio files that are recorded are stored in a special folder offered by the program with the possibility for the user to choose which order the main factors of the recording will be used in to name each file: process, date, time and recoding counter.

Audio Spy also has an option that automates the audio recording by selecting the audio source from the computer's process list or by directly typing in the source.

Download Audio Spy and find out a new way to record audio on your PC.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to record 1 minute from each audio source.
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