With AudioFutbol you'll be able to synchronize the TV signal with that of the radio. AudioFutbol will allow you to watch football and listen to the radio

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If we want to watch sport on the TV while listening to our favorite radio station, it's usually rather chaotic because the signals aren't synchronized, and what we're watching doesn't match what we are listening to. This is due to the fact that we receive the radio signal a lot faster than the digital television signal. But now we can solve this problem thanks to AudioFutbol.

  This small application will help us synchronize the radio and TV signal by applying a time shift to the sound we receive from the radio signal connected to our sound card. The time shift is the amount of time that our computer takes to process the audio signal, and thanks to AudioFutbol, it will be us that control exactly when we want the sound output with comparison with the image.

  Other features that the application includes, are the possibility to apply skins (downloadable from the authors website), record the audio signal and configure the audio signal's volume, to that it isn't too high or too low.

  Enjoy watching any sports event on the TV while listening to your favorite radio commentator describing each action at the same time that you see it.
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