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Listen to your favorite music and discover the latest tunes with AUPEO! Tune in to the radio stations that best suit your taste and mood in AUPEO!

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If you love music, then besides listening to your favorite bands and singers you are probably always looking for new suggestions and recomendations to help you discover new sounds. This is what AUPEO! is great at. This web application will put many radio stations at your disposal, from which you will be able to stream music based on your personal taste.

Adjusted to your taste

In AUPEO! Personal Radio, tune in to the genre of your choice, and you will be served a selection of songs from relevant bands and artists. You can also search your favorite artists if you would rather just hear their music, or simply let AUPEO! take you through it's stations on a journey of new sounds.


  • Radio station selection according to your preferred musical style.
  • Greater precision in user taste thanks to a choice of subgenres.
  • Specific radio stations for each of the available bands and artists.
  • Publish what you hear on your Facebook profile and share links on Twitter and Google+.
  • Option to adjust the music selection to your mood.
  • Purchase songs online.

Listening to your favorite music and discovering new tunes free is a breeze with AUPEO!

Requirements and additional information:
  • A free user registration is required in order to post your activity on Facebook
  • The application contains advertising and songs can be played a limited number of times. Restrictions and advertising disappear with the Premium user registration.
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