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Aura Kingdom 2, the classic PC MMORPG sequel, has been released on mobile devices, immersing us in a beautiful medieval fantasy adventure for Android

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The path of the hero never ends. There is always a new mission, an exciting adventure to embark on. That is the essence of this MMORPG that X-Legend Entertainment Studio brings to us. Get ready to enjoy an immersive experience designed with stunning 3D graphics and unique characters.

A great remake of a classic MMORPG!

This is where your legend begins

As soon as you start Aura Kingdom 2, you will notice its high level of graphic detail. Every single aspect of the game has been carefully developed to present a visual section that has little to nothing to envy from game consoles like PlayStation 3.

But before we become a legend in the Ramayan world, we will have to create a character, and that is another great feature since you can customize your character with all sorts of characteristics, making it unique. You can also choose from four types of classes with different skills: shinobi, nymphs, elementalists, and dragons.

An unforgettable adventure on your Android

Once we have our character ready, we will quickly immerse ourselves in a medieval fantasy world full of monsters and people in danger. As we play, we must complete different missions. As usual in this type of game, if we touch the quest box, our character will move automatically to its destination.

Enjoy a fast-action game and intuitive touch control with beautiful animations!

In this way, we will be discovering amazing landscapes, such as forests, rainforests, and plains, while performing all kinds of missions. Although our main mission is to fight, of course (and it also has automatic options).

Besides the buttons gallery in the lower-left corner of the screen, we can also find and summon eidolons in combat. There are 40 different ones, and finding them all will be a challenge, which is a great way to bring a collecting element into the game.

Of course, in addition to the PvE features, we can also enjoy PvP options and play with other players from around the world. Download the APK file and start your new journey!

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Manuel Sánchez
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